Taobao is the alternative of Ebay.

Many people in the world maybe has the experience to buy from Ebay, which is cheaper than other common online shopping stores.

However, Taobao is the most popular online shopping store in China, which is cheaper than Ebay with the same quality, as you know China is so called "world factory", many items are made in China which selling on Ebay and Taobao.

We understand Ebay is English language site, and Taobao is built by Chinese, however if you consider the money saving & the variety of items taobao can supply, it worth buying from Taobao.

Now, buying from Taobao is easy though our service, you only browse the by our translation tools and give us your link, we will help you buy from taobao and secure potential risks.

Our service fees is only 10% of the goods value inlcluding 3-4% paypal fees, minimun is 35CNY(about 5U.S. Dolllars).

Most the cheapest items on Ebay are from China sellers, if so, why not buy them directly from China.


We appreciate if you can recommend our shopping service to your friends, if you have any suggestions, pls feel free to contact us.

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