If Taobao and Paipai has English version website like Ebay?

Some one ask me that whether taobao.com is really better than Ebay.com, and what will happen if sites like taobao.com and paipai.com had their English version website? Will it make a significant difference in the internet C2C world or will there be no changes? Will eBay (global) be threatened?

Someone said Ebay known well in U.S. or all other area of the world, ebay/eachnet was defeated in China is because taobao and the like understood more the local market. Taobao.com and Paipai.com will not succed in other place.

But in my opinion, taobao "owns" a large amount of sellers, and there is no doubt that china take the first position in common goods manufacturing compared with other countries, and majority ebay sellers are selling goods that is made in china which are the "re-seller".

Imagine the bridge is completely build between chinese and english, there will be less need of the "re-seller", as the seller on taobao.com can always seller the goods at lower price level and taobao.com (Alipay) does't need any fees for mostly seller in China. Hence ebay loses sellers and loses buyers which may lead to a situation that ebay is only trading localy, and superior quality goods which not made in China,  since all the disqualified chinese goods are selling on through that bridge. for the moment that is exctly what taobao is trying to with the australia company partnership. but of course it faces many challenges.


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