How to buy more efficiency from taobao by taobao new version search engine

Hello all friends, has launched a new version search engine (beta) which will help you buy from taobao more easily.

The main added function:

1. Combine sellers: you can narrow the seach results if you check this, one seller only can show one item for the keyword.

2. Sorted by Sales Volume: As there are so many items on taobao store, you can know which item is the most popular and sold in last 30days, I know most of you don't know Chinese language, but this function will let you know what the Chinese buyers choose, that means Chinese buyers will help you buy from taobao.

We are unsure wheather this is your default seach version as it's still a beta version , if not, pls use the following entrance:

For the details, pls refer the following image:

If you need more information, pls feel free to let us know.

Thanks and best regards

Taobaotrends Team


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