About Us

Taobaotrends is one of the best taobao agent who offers cheapest severice fee and cheapest shipping fees to help you buy from China, we started our service from 2009 and already serve thousands of customer in the last 7 years.

Our service fees are most competitive and also offer largest Shipping discount if you compare with other taobao agents, more information pls see Payments & Fees .

How To Buy from taobao through taobaotrends.com become an easy way as we have developed a friendly, powerful, efficient, easy-use shopping cart system.

What's our Service:

1. We will help you source the products you desired in China B2C & C2C online shopping site.

2. We will commnunicate with the seller as per your instruction, to check availability or something else.

3. We will send your required infomation to you by Email or by our web communication system (you need to registred as a member, its free and simple)

4. We will order items as per your instruction, and take some photoes for your reference if you require.

5. We will check the goods in our local place, try to stop any defects or returns.

6. We will consolidate all your orders from different seller, combine them by one shipment.

7. We will re-pack your parcels for internaional shipping.

8. We will arrange shipping and send tracking no. to you.

9. .......

More services are available as per you requests.

Low Service Fee with Low Exchange Rate

We only charge 6% service fee if you send the payment to us by Western Union or by Bank Transfer, the default service fee is 10% as we add the paypal fees or Credit Card fees on it.

The exchange rate is 1.0CNY=0.150USD to 0.151USD, which is several percentages lower than taobao agent.

Easy Use and Powerful Shopping Cart with Language Translator

Our shopping cart support the URLs from taobao.com and 1688.com (wholesale site). Everyone will be easily use our Self-explainary shopping cart, google translate tool will help you switch Chinese to your language easily.

Timely Service and Responsive

Normally, the orders will be processed in 24hours and reply your email ASAP, if you need them urgently, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will handle them on priority.

Honest, Experienced and Reliable

No hidden fees, if the seller offer free shipping to our office, you will get free shipping, we have been a taobao agent from 2009 and thousands of customers enjoyed our service.

Consolidate or split your orders

We can consolidate all of your orders in one package or split them to several packages as per your requirements.

Detailed Pictures Without Preview Charges

We don’t charge any picture preview fees, we will take pictures as detailed as we can and upload to Baidu cloud disk, you can check and download easily, the example: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3ssQTB

Various Shipping Method with Cheapest shipping fee

There are many kinds of shipping method we use, EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS, E-packet, airmails, straight line……., we offer cheapest shipping fee to many countries absolutely, welcome to check the cheapest shipping fee here.

Amazing After-Sale Service

If there are any problems for the orders, we will try our best to solve the problems, for example, if the package get lost due to our problems, we will order the items again or refund the money to you.  

Our customers satisfaction is our priority


We appreciate if you can recommend our shopping service to your friends, if you have any suggestions, pls feel free to contact us.

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